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What Should We Get Google for Its Birthday?

Google is celebrating its 13th birthday today. But what do you get the search engine company that, literally, has everything?

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Google, we thought about making you a scrapbook filled with memories. But you already have Google Images. (Plus, only grandmas think photo albums make good gifts.)

What about a party with some of your favorite friends and supporters? Hmm. Looks like you have that covered with Google+.

We were going to buy you a new car, but then we saw you already had this fancy ride.

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A phone? No. A document creator? No. A new wallet? Definitely not. Yours is already the coolest.

Ok, Googs. We give up.

Wait, wait. WAIT!

We have it. We know what you love the most, Google.

Here you go, dear friend. Enjoy your new Panda.

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Happy 13th Birthday, Google!

What would you get Google for its birthday? Let us know in the comments.