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Raising Facebook Fans

How do you earn over 3,700 Facebook fans in less than four weeks? When we launched the new Raising Cane’s of Ohio Website, our clients wanted more than just a Website. They wanted engaged customers. The Cement Marketing social media team stepped up to the challenge with a Facebook fan raising campaign.

Here’s how we did it.

Step 1:

Build a fan base.

When you’re starting at zero on Facebook, creating a fan base can seem like a daunting task. Unlike Twitter, a follow campaign won’t apply. You are essentially in a dark corner of the room watching the party raging outside. So, how do you step outside? How do you join the party and gain some fans quickly and with a minimal budget? Depending on your brand, your audience and your budget – Facebook advertising could be the most cost-efficient solution. In Raising Cane’s case it was.

Our initial Facebook advertising campaign gained 2,000 fans in two weeks.

Step 2:

Engage your fans.

Thanks to one-on-one training from Cement Marketing and a custom Facebook strategy, the Raising Cane’s of Ohio marketing team was armed and ready for their sudden deluge of Facebook fans. Their updates were short, sweet, pointed and relevant. View their Facebook page here to see what we’re talking about.

Step 3:

Turn your fans into offline customers.

Shortly after building our initial fan base, Raising Cane’s of Ohio needed a huge turn out for the grand opening of their new Pickerington, Ohio location. We started with a highly targeted Facebook advertising campaign to Pickerington residents only. The ads, which looked like this:

Led to a Facebook landing tab, which looked like this:

The landing tab asked visitors to RSVP to the event. To RSVP they had to become fans of the page. And as the RSVP count shot up and up and up we noticed something spectacular happening. The new fans were inviting their friends to attend. Within one week the event had 300 RSVPS.

So, how was the turn out?

Raising Cane’s reported the Pickerington Grand Opening was their most successful on record.

But it didn’t stop there.

Cement Marketing was on deck for the grand opening–taking pictures and recording videos. We told the crowd to find themselves in the pictures on Facebook the next day and sure enough, we saw another surge in Facebook fans thanks to the photo tagging and commenting that ensued. The Raising Cane’s Facebook page now has over 3,700 fans.

We can’t take all of the credit, or even most of the credit. Raising Cane’s has a natural fan base because they are a great company with passionate crew and a product that is absolutely irresistible. We were just there to maximize the potential for creating ties that bind with their customers via social media.

If you have a challenge turning your online visitors into offline customers, contact us today. Cement Marketing offers the following social marketing services:

  • Facebook strategy
  • Facebook team training
  • Facebook advertising
  • Facebook iFrame or “landing tab” design and development

Do you need Facebook help? Let us know.