Volunteers of America

A commercial you can’t un-see.

Every owner of a clunker has one wish – make my car disappear. We made their dreams come true with our Car Donation Fairy campaign for long time client, Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio.

Within weeks of airing in a targeted television and cable buy, the Car Donation Fairy spot quadrupled visits to a landing page and increased actual car donations by 26% during the campaign’s first month, 24% in its second month, and 14% in the campaign’s third and final month. View live here.

Pushing creative boundaries.

Traditionally, VOAGO has taken a more serious approach to their marketing. Understandably so because their non profit is facing society’s most serious issues on a daily basis in fighting homelessness and social injustices against the nation’s veterans. To truly break through the clutter we decided to infuse an unforgettable character into the mix.

Just add sparkles and fairy dust.

With the aid of intentionally bad movie magic and perfectly awkward acting, we toed the fine line between ridiculousness and sincerity. Our goal was to create something so completely bizarre and absurd that it would infuse humor into an otherwise very serious ask.

Car Donation Fairy Roll Out: All Channels

The Car Donation Fairy television campaign launched statewide in August of 2016. We also supportted the campaign with digital advertising. View live at cardonationfairy.org.

Find words. The best words.

The Cement Marketing team dove deep in the keyword research and discovered high-potential Ohio car donation terms.

The results? An 800-pound Guerrilla for your SEO

By investing in organic SEO for the long term, Volunteers of America Greater Ohio saw a 99% increase in organic search traffic (up from 40k organic search visits per year to nearly 80k organic search visits per year). If they were to pay for these clicks with PPC, it’d cost nearly $2,000,000 annually. Our monthly retainer is nowhere near that figure.