Columbus Symphony

A Modern Take on a Timeless Classic

The Challenge The branding for the Columbus Symphony did not accurately reflect the status and cultural importance of this beloved arts institution. They were in need of a more modern and engaging aesthetic to better represent their overall mission.

The Solution Provide a new brand strategy to lift the Columbus Symphony to its desired level of sophistication; to more accurately capture the truly transformative powers of music and the experience the symphony delivers with every performance.

The Direction

We developed a new brand strategy and designed a new visual representation of the symphony’s prestigious classical history.

The Execution

Brand Strategy – The promise of momentous music: the eeting, innocent, childlike bliss of living in the moment.

Brand Mark – The C represents the orchestra itself and the period,
the conductor.

Brand Colors – Iconic blue like the sky at dusk, with powerful red emboldened beside it, signi es the sophistication of a perfect pairing.

Typography – Selected for its prestigious classical history, to deliver the proper level of sophistication, we assigned a combination of Bulmer and Avenir.