Seth Gray

Co-Founder, Chief Strategist

Seth Gray | Cement Team Photo

Put Seth Gray into a room with a few Post-It notes and a Sharpie and he’ll walk out with a clear brand strategy. Seriously. He’s that good. The guy gets it. There’s no push, only pull. Unless your brand needs pushed. As Co-Founder and Chief Strategist, Seth is the one at the helm of your account’s strategy as he leads our internal and client teams to make some magic and bring your vision to life.

Seth joined Cement from his previous strategic marketing roles at McGraw-Hill and Pearson. During his tenure in the education industry Seth launched new products, developed and managed countless campaigns, and generally took care of business with a healthy disregard of the status quo.

When he’s not crafting your brand’s take over of the digital universe, Seth is hand making leather briefcases, purses and other leather goods, riding his motorcycle, or renovating his 19th century farmhouse.

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