Alex Henderson

Production Director + Sr. Account Analyst

If you have a brand property online – anywhere – and you want its performance to improve dramatically, Alex is your man. He started as Cement’s first intern and now leads our search and social analytics and performance strategy. What does that mean? It means he’s the last guy you’ll want coming up with your marketing campaign (unless you want to see Cassie staring in your next Facebook campaign), but the first and the last guy you want touching your creative. Once a concept is conceived Alex either shoots it down or lifts it up after determining whether or not the idea will fly in the digital space.

On top of all that, Alex also manages our development team. Serving as the all-important liaison between our developers, our internal teams and the clients means our team functions at a higher, more efficient capacity saving you precious dollars and time.

And you may notice he’s die-hard for his alma mater, Purdue University. We’re thrilled he switched majors from nuclear engineering to communications. As for his mother, we’re not so sure.