Alaina Shearer

President & Founder

Alaina founded Cement in 2009 after her ten years of copywriting, marketing and journalism experience culminated into her creation of a highly successful personal blog. She wrote to single mothers about dating and struck a chord with readers leading to 30,000 views per month, dozens of national media interviews, and major brand endorsements as she joined the first group of true digital influencers.

During this experience, Alaina did what any natural entrepreneur would do – she broke out of cube nation and started her own digital advertising agency. What seemed absolutely insane to most felt completely natural for Alaina. Her clear understanding that search, social and websites were completely intertwined (a novel idea at the time) allowed her to design an agency built from the ground up to create performance-driven digital content.

Today, her passion, transparency and honesty is what attracts her incredible team to build careers at Cement and clients to stake their marketing budgets on the agency’s work. Recently featured in Forbes and now a popular public speaker Alaina still actively works on all Cement accounts in a strategic role.

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