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Ohio Digital Marketing Agency: 2014 Year in Review

Now entering our sixth year in business, Cement Marketing is emerging as one of Ohio’s leading digital marketing and advertising agencies.

The reasons?

1. Our up front, honest and transparent attitude that every day we strive to be better than we were yesterday. Take this quote from our employee handbook.

“You are likely a digital native, most Cementers are. It means you grew up with a digital device in the palm of your hand, or have been using a search engine for as long as you can remember. Keep in mind, that it may seem like digital marketing has been ‘around forever’ but for our clients and a majority of marketing professionals this is still just the beginning. That means, no one has all of the answers yet, especially not us.”

Sure, we’re a digital marketing agency but that does not mean we have a magic bullet proof digital strategy for your brand in our back pocket. No one does. Not until they’ve worked with your brand, your audience, and your budget. If anyone claims otherwise send them packing. With that all said, we do attest that Cement Marketing’s collective years of experience and the tools and talent at our disposal make us some of the best equipped in the industry to find your digital marketing solutions. Which leads us to reason #2, as to why we are emerging as a leading digital marketing and advertising agency in Columbus and Ohio.

2. Our digital marketing case studies. Project by project, we blow our clients away with results. Some cases take longer than others, for one reason or another. One thing is certainly true– every one of our clients is different and as a result, no two case studies are alike. Here are some of our favorites from 2014.

Hocking Hills Tourism Association Social Marketing and Search Marketing (SEO)


When we were chosen to take over the HHTA account in January 2014 from another ad agency in Columbus, their digital marketing performance was lackluster. Engagement per Facebook post averaged 100-300 per post. In addition, organic search traffic to the website was down a dramatic 70%. We were immediately pressed upon by our new client to turn everything around– and we did.

Today, 12 months later, we have doubled the HHTA Facebook fan count without a consistent paid ad budget.


Also, engagement is up dramatically and now averages anywhere from 600-1,000 per post, while reach is up by an equally staggering margin.

SocialMarketingOhio-case study

As for their search traffic. The Hocking Hills Tourism Association is now ranking again for their key terms and search traffic is now nearly restored to its original glory. Their case study is highlighted in this post on most alarming SEO Blunders and Mistakes.

B. Loved Bridal Boutique Branding and Website Design 

Another exciting case study this year came with the new brand identity for B.Loved Bridal, a new bridal boutique opening on Gay Street sometime in 2015.


View the complete case study here. 

SantaCon 2014 Say Social! Photo Booth 

2014 brought the debut of Cement Marketing’s Say Social! photo booth. And so, naturally, this little baby makes our list of favorite case studies. The photo booth is far from your average party and event photo booth because after your photo is printed, you can publish the photo to your Facebook page, Twitter or email it to yourself.

The photo frames are also completely custom to your event. Check this one out for the 2014 SantaCon in the Arena District, a popular Columbus neighborhood.


And then, in the morning, once we uploaded hundreds of photos to the Arena District Facebook page, guess who showed up to check out their pictures? Quite a few. Engagement on the page jumped by 7,000%.

Book your Say Social! photo booth appearance for 2015 here.

Cheers to you all, and Happy New Year. Thanks for making 2014 such a tremendous success for Cement Marketing.