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What do Web Design and Family Leave Have in Common?

A lot, actually.

We are, and forever will be, Made in the USA, never outsourcing our Columbus Web design, development or SEO services overseas. And, our chief job above all else, is to raise awesome little citizens to carry on the torch.

That’s why we believe in paid maternity and paternity leave.

American flag - ColumbusIn this big corporate world, we’ve learned that it’s one thing to allow a mother time off without giving away her position—employees are accustomed to the bare minimum—but paying her to do so is is another idea entirely. It’s so rare, in fact, that only 11 percent of workers are covered by formal paid family leave policies.

In turn, we’re big fans of studies that show that family leave makes for healthier babies, more workers returning to the job post-maternity leave and stronger families. Because those statistics support what we’ve known all along: happier parents make better employees. (For those keeping score at home, that’s called a win-win.)

We don’t stop at maternity leave. Our paid paternity leave is a recognition that even though fathers don’t have the physical recovery of a birth, the time spent welcoming a new baby into the family is of equal value. Establishing new routine, allowing the father to support the mother in her recovery, and the importance of adjusting to parenthood are principles we value so much, we’ve written them into our standard benefit offerings.

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