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Top 5 Tips to Infographic Marketing

Unless you’ve been living under an Internet rock, you have probably seen an infographic or two (or a dozens). Infographics take traditionally drab facts, figures or statistics about any given topic and present them in a visually appealing and easy to digest graphic. The topics range from the rise of mommy bloggers and the history of beards to college drug use.

Successful infograhpics are consistently sacrificial by brands, in that the topics don’t mention their brand and are completely focused on an engaging and intriguing topic. So, why are infographics so valuable to brands?

The reason? Infographics are quickly spread via social media and each mention or share could include a link back to the brand’s Website. This link is invaluable for increasing search and social traffic, or as we call it, for building an audience.

Top 5 Infographic Marketing Tips

1. Choose a topic that appeals to the audience you want to attract.

The Mommy Blog infographic I mentioned was created by H&R block during tax season. As you’ll learn from the infographic, 14% of American mothers blog and they have to report that income come tax time. And who is most likely to read an infographic about mommy bloggers? The mom bloggers themselves. The college drug use infographic was published by Online Degrees. And, the most SEO-savvy of the bunch, Online Degrees don’t even bother with a logo or brand mention on the entire infographic.

They are purely after those valuable links to improve their search engine rankings. Does it work? I just linked to them. The beard infographic is by OnlinePHD.org. Again, motivated by gaining some link-love, the most competitive and SEO-savvy marketers are hot on infographics and have been for a while.

2. Release a series of infographics. Not just one.

Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket. Budget for a series of infographics. In this way, if one flops the others may have better odds. Should it come down to the odds? Well, that depends on your audience. Do you have one yet? If you are developing infographics with the intention of building an audience, expect a steeper climb to earning lots of re-shares and links. Hint: the infographics don’t have to be related, just plan on more than one.

3. Reach out to social influencers.

Ideally you have a network of social influencers to email when your infographic is published. If not, build one ahead of time. Social influencers include bloggers or active Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest users. At Cement Marketing we maintain these relationships year round.  These relationships are incredibly beneficial and should be utilized as soon as you publish your infographic. With that said the relationships must be genuine, not used strictly for marketing purposes – a cardinal sin in the social marketing space.

4. Keep your infographic alive.

The best infographics do not include dated material. All three I mentioned above, the infograhpics on mom blogs, beards and college drug use will stand the test of time and be relevant all year long and possibly for years to come. Keep your infographic fresh by linking to it in new blog posts, tweeting about it periodically or using it in future blogger or influencer outreach campaigns.

5. Submit your infographic to Websites featuring them.

Mashable and DailyInfographic.com are just two examples of sites featuring infographics on a regular basis. If your infographic will appeal to a wider audience, submit it to sites like these for their review.

How much does an infographic cost?

When creating an infographic you must budget for copywriting, a wireframe (the critical blue print before design),  design and then the posting of your infographic with an embed code back to your site. On average the cost is $2,500-$5,000 per infographic due to the need for copywriters, a wire frame and then the design and development of the infographic. That does not include the blogger outreach and social outreach necessary when the infographic is published.

Cement Marketing recently created this infographic for Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Nationwide Children's Hospital By The Numbers Infographic

Infographic from Nationwide Children’s Hospital

If you are interested in learning how Cement Marketing can help you develop your own infographic campaign, contact us at info@cementmarketing.com.