Columbus Ohio Social Media Marketing

Happy Birthday, Columbus.

We are huge fans of Columbus. In fact, we love Columbus so much we wanted to shout it from the rooftops. We chose our windows instead.

As all things begin, our Columbus eCard started with a question.

“How can we tell Columbus we love her?”

And then an idea.

“A sign, we could make a sign, take a picture of us holding the sign and then share it on Facebook.”

But what would it say?

“Happy Birthday, Columbus.”

Sure that would work.

“But, how do we make it about the viewers? How do we make it about Columbus and everyone who lives here? How can they engage with our idea?”

The result: a hand painted social message, Facebook update or Tweet saying, “Columbus, 200 Years of _______.” You fill in the blank.

The idea was simple. We would take the picture and then give viewers a chance to add their own message digitally. To us it was clear. After all, we live and breath social and search – and we don’t just say that…

So, we bought the supplies and started painting.

Next we had to figure out a) where to hang it and once we eliminated the street and opted for windows we had to b) figure out how to pass the sign from window to window. This was when the real team building kicked in.

Brad Spencer, our SEO strategist came up with the brilliant idea of rolling up the sign, taping rope to the corner, tying keys the rope and then tossing the keys and the rope from window to window. Then we passed the sign to each other.

First Sara Bradley, our SEO copywriter and then to Jessie Eckert, our social marketing maven.

And then to Eric Katz, our superhero developer, who had to keep it from blowing away,

And then to Brad and Madeline, our awesome intern.

The whole thing created quite a stir on Gay Street. Cars were stopped, bystanders were video taping and as the sign unfurled only to revealĀ a blank space – they couldn’t quite figure it out. How is this going to go online? They wondered.

Here’s how.

And thank you, Columbus. Without you we wouldn’t be here and we love you for that because we love what we do and wouldn’t want it any other way.