Best Digital Agency

Day One

That’s the first thing on my mind when I wake up.
I wish I could lie to you and say that it is “what marketing adventure I’ll stumble upon,” or “how I’ll live out my branding dreams,” or “what new goal I’ll aspire to, today.”
But it’s not.

It’s coffee.

Walking into my first day at Cement Marketing and taking a huge whiff of the one thing that’s been on my mind since entering consciousness today was… well… welcoming.

That theme has continued throughout Day One.

I’ve worked at other digital marketing agencies.

I’ve done the advertising thing. I’ve seen the ping-pong tables in the break room, the art-that-I’m-not-cultured-enough-to-appreciate on the walls, the bar carts, the free bananas, and even the animals in the office.

All of those things are wonderful. I understand their purpose. I can appreciate that they are intended to foster an environment where marketing adventures are to be stumbled upon, branding dreams are to be lived out, and goals are to be aspired to.

I also understand that before I get to that mindset, I need coffee.

As far as I can conclude, Cement Marketing is a perfectly warmed, black cup of coffee in that one mug that never spills and has your favorite quote on the front. A perfect, familiar fit.

Unlike other digital agencies or advertising spaces, Cement welcomes you the second the two of you encounter each other. And just like that first cup of java, we know just how to take you from dreaming to reality.

I’ll elaborate.

On day one, I’ll admit, I expected to zombie-like-shuffle through formalities.
Office tours.
Teeth-blaring, half-genuine smiles.
And while there was about twenty percent of that, I was encouraged to find that I was trusted enough to get started on doing what I love and what I know I’m great at: writing.
On Day One.
Let’s Go.

Black cup of coffee.

And the Day One theme isn’t exclusive to my abstract brain. Cement’s clients echo similar sentiments. Heather Schreiber of Simonton Windows & Doors praises my new company for “totally” getting it from the first day.

Cement is not the average Columbus based digital marketing agency.

In fact, there is nothing average and everything extraordinary to be found here.

I may be biased, but I may have also just finally woke up and smelled the coffee.

Check back with me on Day Two.