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Columbus’ Top Advertising Agencies in 2015

Cement Marketing made Columbus Business First’s Top Advertising Agency list again this year, moving up to #18 from #23 in 2014. Our revenues jumped 50% from 2014 to 2015 and we anticipate to climb much higher on the list in 2016. We love seeing our name on Columbus, Ohio’s largest and best advertising agency list. And, because you have to be a subscriber to see the entire list, we thought we’d republish it here. Because, why not? And because, tisk tisk Business First, locking down your content is bad for search and your user’s experience.

Here’s the entire list of Columbus, Ohio’s top ad agencies in 2015, ranked by reported revenue.

  1. Resource/Ammirati – $74.88 million
  2. Fahlgren Mortine – $29.58 million
  3. SBC Advertising Ltd – $14.13 million
  4. Ron Foth – $12.19 million
  5. Ologie – $11.34 million
  6. Upward Brand Interactions – $3.55 million
  7. Sudden Impact Marketing –  $3.05 million
  8. treetree – $2.69 million
  9. Fathom – $2.3 million
  10. Wow! Brands – $2.06 million
  11. Adept Marketing – $2.04 million
  12. Clutch – $2 million
  13. LaineGabriel – $1.72 million
  14. ConradPhillipsVutech – $1.57 million
  15. MurphyEpson – $1.13 million
  16. Prism Marketing – $1.08 million
  17. Creative Spot – $946,221
  18. Cement Marketing – $852,853
  19. Origo Branding – $707,448
  20. Caring Marketing Solutions -$700,330
  21. Rattleback – $599,727
  22. 300m – $443,142
  23. Herb Gillen Advertising – $440,225

So, the ultimate question – in our eyes – is who ranks on the top of Google’s list? At the end of the day, that’s what really matters. The search engine’s algorithm is designed to surface the most relevant results per search query.

The top search results for the term “Columbus Best Advertising Agency” are media sources. Which is to be expected. Media results are the authority when it comes to a term with an opinion like “best” or “top”. And the top five results are Business First’s lists for the past three years– highly relevant and spot on content to answer the search query.


What’s more interesting are the next five results for the term “Columbus Best Advertising Agency”.


For the actual advertising agencies ranking, the list goes like this:

  1. The Creative Spot
  2. RMD Advertising
  3. Cement Marketing
  4. Ibel Agency
  5. Burkholder Flint

So, what happens when you search “Columbus Advertising Agency”. Who ranks then? Business First is still on the top. Again, they have a highly relevant list and are an authority media domain. This is why media links are so coveted by SEO agencies.

The top advertising agencies according to Google are here:


  1. SBC Advertising
  2. Ibel Agency
  3. Cement Marketing
  4. Burkholder Flint
  5. 300m
  6. Conrad, Phillips, Vutech
  7. The Creative Spot

Cement Marketing is pulling a solid #3 ranking for both terms, when aligned with other agencies in the search results. The actual search results and rankings vary from term to term. For example, if you search terms like “Columbus digital marketing firm” or “Columbus Ohio digital agency” or any other terms with the words agency, marketing firm, social or search, we’re in positions #1 or #2 and have been for years. As we’ve expanded our services from our core of digital marketing into branding and advertising, our content has evolved to reflect that.

For example, we are adding new branding and advertising case studies and we have also updated our page titles and meta descriptions to reflect the change in service focus.

What do you think? Which list counts? Google’s or Business First’s? Is revenue everything? Or has Google figured out which websites within each search query are truly representing the most popular product or service? We know that’s their goal. Or, are the other advertising agencies in Columbus simply not optimizing their websites correctly? That’s entirely possible as well.

We’ll check back in a month or two to see how this blog post may have affected our rankings.

Update: Our rankings for the term “Columbus ad agency” have been in flux since publishing this post. As of 7/30/16 we are #2 behind SBC Advertising.