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Columbus Digital Mixer: Hot Social Takeover

How does a brand rule the digital universe?

Our speakers this month have found the key to digital brand building. At the center of both strategies – giving the audience what they want and what they need. As a brand one of the most challenging aspects of social and content marketing is removing ourselves from the equation in order to truly listen to the audience. As a digital ad agency and partner to our clients we find this to be one of the most challenging endeavors for brands. There is one common truth, however, if you know your brand the digital content follows with ease. Instead of content marketing feeling like a daily struggle it feels natural, a way to bring your brand to life on a daily basis in order to truly connect with your customers and build an audience.

We are honored to announce our three speakers at this month’s digital mixer.

Hot Social Takeover

How one of Columbus’ hottest brands uses social as a communication tool to fans, customers and employees.


Joe Deloss, Founder, Hot Chicken Takeover

If you live in Columbus, there’s little chance you haven’t heard of Joe Deloss and Hot Chicken Takeover. The start up keeps it simple and pure by delivering ridiculously delicious and spicy fried chicken to its loyal customers. Hot Chicken is also dedicated to employing ex-criminal offenders, a social commitment that carries with it a profound and positive impact on the very fabric of our community. At the Mixer, Joe will be joined by John Russo who manages the Hot Chicken Takeover digital presence. The two will walk us through their engagement strategy and discuss the importance of social and digital as a tool to communicate to customers, fans and employees.

How Curious is CBUS?


Thomas Bradley, Digital Content Producer, WOSU

For months now the WOSU digital team has turned to its online audience to determine offline content. How is it going? We’ll find out when Nick Houser, WOSU Digital Media Director and Thomas Bradley, WOSU Web Content Manager, explain Curious CBUS –a question-gathering model that lets users ask questions about Columbus, its people or its culture. The emphasis is on engagement. People engage in asking the questions. They are then hand-picked by editors, and put up for a voting round. Three questions are then voted on by the public. The winning question is then turned into a story you hear on WOSU. Nick and Thomas will walk us through their successes thus far, lessons learned and strategy for the future.

Digital Mixer Agenda • September 22, 2016 – 5:00PM-6:30PM

5:00PM-5:30pm – Mingle, drinks, appetizers
5:30 – 5:45 pm – WOSU and #CuriousCbus
5:45 – 6:00 pm – Joe from Hot Chicken Takeover
6:00 – 6:05 pm The “5-minute” pitch – nominate yourself – email

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