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Best Practices for Marketing Your Business Via Facebook Pages

How to boost your niche brand’s exposure to maximize results through targeted ads and other helpful tools

A corner store selling paintbrushes, an online dating service for single dads and a business selling Japanese animation posters. This isn’t the start to a bad joke – they’re all niche markets, targeting very specific people.

Niche products may have a limited audience, but their competition is usually low, meaning that if they reach the correct people, exposure to their brand as well as product sales will follow. So how should businesses like these use Facebook in order to establish a strong digital presence?

Facebook advertising: Cheap, Easy and Effective

All in all, targeted, localized marketing is key. It may seem overwhelming to think that there are more than one billion Facebook users, but the social media giant has made it easy for niche marketers to hone in on the exact people who would be interested in their products. For example, if you wish to push advertisements to single men in Columbus, Ohio, that are between the ages of 25 and 40, with kids, for your single dad dating site, it is quick and easy to do. This is the power of Facebook advertising. What’s even better is that it’s inexpensive in comparison to other brand boosters like traditional media or even Google Adwords pay-per-click (PPC).

So, how do you set up a Facebook advertisement?

1. Click “Create Ad’. This can be found in the “Ad Management” tab on the left-hand column of your Facebook’s home page.

Step 1- Create Ad


2. Choose your objective. Facebook allows you to specify your ad’s end goal. For example, by selecting “Page Likes,” Facebook says this “creates ads to build your audience on Facebook” – an ideal result for a niche business owner.

Step 2- Choose an Objective



3. Upload the image(s) you’d like to appear to represent what you’re advertising.

Step 3- Upload images


4. Add text and links to your advertisement and see a preview of what the advertisement will look like in user’s news feeds.

Step 4- Add:Edit Text


5. Define what audience you’d like to reach. From age, gender and location to specific interests, behaviors and connections, Facebook can zero in on any niche audience imaginable.

Step 4 - Audience- Select Interests


6. Name your ad set and choose the time frame in which you want your ads to run and the budget.

Step 5- Set Up Campaign:Ad Set

Note: We advise not filling out the last section, Bidding and Pricing.

Ads can be used to simply promote a business, or they can be attached to a contest or campaign. The results are outstanding. Our Raising Cane’s Share the Love campaign garnered 10,000 new Facebook fans and Sunny Street Café’s 365 Days of Sunny increased sales by 24 percent.

Similarly, LinkedIn is another fantastic resource for businesses selling niche products and services. At Cement Marketing, we’re are able to target social media and marketing professionals in Columbus, Ohio, to advertise and promote our workshops.

Results in action

In 2014, Erin Wozniak spearheaded a project making customized stuffed animals, called Weesie Pals, specifically for children born with microtia and atresia. Her market is super niche, but by creating a Facebook page to engage with hospitals and other Facebook communities like “Microtia and Atresia support group,” she has been selling customized stuffed animals internationally right out the gate. Her Facebook page also inadvertently serves as a forum for conversation and testimonials, which ramps up engagement and builds a positive reputation for her product.

Another tip to amplify your page is to choose an engaging cover photo. Guinness, Red Bull and Porsche have fantastic examples. They all make a lasting impression, whether the photos are sophisticatedly simple, visually captivating or tie into the niche lifestyle that your product promotes.

Need help from a Columbus Facebook Marketing Firm?

Whether you’ve just hit the drawing board for creating a niche business, or have been running your operation for years and want to see better results, consider Facebook’s dynamic digital tools when marketing your product. We strongly recommend hiring an experienced marketing firm to manage your ads for you. 

Cement Marketing is a Columbus social marketing agency that can help your business conceive and implement a killer social marketing strategy. Drop us a line or contact Alaina Shearer at today.