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Cement is a digital marketing and advertising agency partner, founded in 2009 on the belief that the future of your brand depends on its digital presence. Don’t mind us while we brag a little.


Equal parts punk and nerd, we never give up and we can't stop learning. Don't judge us, but we're kind of obsessed.

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The Method

  • research


    Before we change a thing, we get to the very bottom of your brand online and off.

  • concept


    Everything we do takes the power and brilliance of a full marketing team. Yours and ours.

  • execute


    Ideas are great and everyone has them. But in our world, execution is just as important.

  • analyze


    During your project and at its conclusion, we evaluate. What worked? What didn’t? What’s next?

More about The Method


You call them our case studies, we call them our badges of honor. From sales increases of 24% and social engagement boosts of over 1000% - you'll see results across the board.

Every project you have from small to large is in our wheelhouse. The running theme? Success.

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Best Ad Agency in Columbus

Three weeks left. Two nominations. One chance to vote. Earlier this month, Columbus CEO Magazine released their annual online survey contest, “Best of Business”. The survey serves to call out the best businesses & organizations who call the 614 their home. There are 11 categories, ranging from business, to food, to healthcare– and 80 titles […]

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Women in Digital

If building Cement was my first professional calling, I have found my second – inspiring, connecting and learning from other women in digital media and marketing. Last April after the success of our first Cement Digital Mixer, I couldn’t shake another idea to host one specifically for women. Why though? Was this a crazy notion? We […]

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Web Design is Web Development is Web Design

If you are not a person that builds websites, or you don’t work on a team that includes designers and developers, you might assume that web design is simply the process that involves designing and writing all the html code.

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How to choose a Public Relations (PR) Firm

What is public relations? I often find public relations confused with marketing and advertising, which is totally expected given today’s digital marketing and communications world – where all practices under the communications umbrella are constantly evolving. But for the sake this specific post, I’d like to dive deeper and shed light on the nuanced difference between […]

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Columbus Digital Mixer: 5/19 – Meet Gen Z

We decided to open our doors to competitors with the intent of sharing, collaborating and – in the spirit of our open source industry – learning. From each other. We do it every day online as we surf each other’s work, case studies and thought leadership pieces. Why not collaborate in person to make the Columbus digital community stronger? The turn out blew us away. Over fifty digital marketing professionals showed up from both the agency and client side.

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